Silvestris' Journal

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I'm an artist in my early thirties, a master procrastinator who tends to choose freedom and creativity over money and status, which I occasionally get told I'm apparently too old to do. Well, it's all about priorities - whether 60 years from now or tomorrow, when I die I wish to be able to look back with a smile and go without regrets.
Ask yourself: What really matters?

If things go as planned, I'll be rich and famous from doing only the creative things I want to do, any time at all now. Heh heh. Or possibly I'll just end up poor and unknown - but nonetheless happily doing only the creative things I want to do. ♥

At least at the moment I keep up a decently good facade of actually doing something serious with my life, as I'm living with my three cats on the absolutely breathtakingly magnificent island of Gotland, studying archaeology full-time.
Life is good.

Grand presentation aside, down to the everyday business:

I enjoy the occasional video game.

I'm also a happy yaoi fangirl, and have been for as long as I can remember.

I, quite obviously, enjoy drawing and the occasional writing. Stories and scenes of beauty swirl endlessly through my head, and through my creative outlets I can only struggle to keep up and capture some small snippets of the lovely world behind my eyes.

I like and crave music, but just what kind varies wildly depending on mood and current interests.

Finally, I have a most annoying tendency to consider both sides to any story, which makes me a very frustrating person to argue with. Besides, I loathe arguments and conflicts, so it's probably better on all parties to just, you know. Get along?

For more information about me, as well as all my older art, visit my website; Silvestris.Net. I... tend to be a bit lazy (OK, very lazy) about updating it, but the older stuff is all right there.
For newer art, this LJ is a good place, as well as my DA-gallery. :)

Note: If you want to friend me; go ahead. No need to ask.
( Just as long as you can cope with the fact this journal includes personal rants and posts as well as art. ;)